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Parks & Recreation

Lewis & Clark Trail State Park

This park is a 37-acre day-use park and campgrounds located just a few miles west of Dayton.  It has 1,333 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Touchet River to cool off in summer or for fishing. The park is a rare treasure of old-growth forest and river in the midst of the surrounding arid grassland.

Caboose Park

caboose park

An actual train caboose and the surrounding play equipment at Caboose Park provides a fun recreational stop after spending the day shopping Downtown Dayton with mom and/or dad.  The park is located off N. 1st St. 1/2 block north of Main St. next to Dayton Historic Dept.  You can't miss it!

Flour Mill Park

Located on Main St, this downtown Dayton park boarders on the Touchet River.  The park is a wonderful place for visitors to stop for lunch in the park gazebo, view community art, or rest on park benches. The park also is a trail head to the Touchet River walking and bike path connecting to Pietrzycki Park. Public restrooms and parking are conveniently located for visitors to the Dayton Downtown Historic District. 

Pietrzycki City Park


Pietrzycki City Park is the crown jewel of Dayton parks.  It is located south of Main St. at the end of S. 1st Street and/or S. 2nd Street and can be accessed by trails/paths and a footbridge across the Touchet River.  This City Park is filled with a large gamit of recreational activities including:

  • Playgrounds for toddlers and youth, including swings, play structures, and slides.  Also, there is a tennis court, a pickle ball court, drinking fountains, benches, other uncovered picnic areas and public restrooms; all perfect for the perfect family outing.  Parking is available both on-street along S. 2nd Street and in the park parking lot located off of S. 1st Street.  
  • Athletic Complex.  It is an unlit complex providing two baseball/soccer fields and has served the local youth athletic associations for several years.  It hosts a multitude of spring, summer and fall activities every year.  The Complex is located in the most southern portion of Pietrzycki City Park  behind the Dayton Hospital (accessible from S. 3rd Street).  The City does not accept reservations for the complex, its use is on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • Dayton Skate Park
  • Dayton Juvenile Fish Pond is located towards the southern portion of Pietrzycki City Park.  The Pond is a fun family pastime specific for juvenile anglers 15 and under and adults with disabilities.  The Pond is regulated by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife so be sure to review their Regulations and Seasons pamphlet before heading out to fish.  Their pamphlet can be obtained at
  • 9-hole Disc Golf Course that is fairly open with some trees; good for rolling. Water and other OB hazards are present including a stream and lake.
  • Dayton Swimming Pool

If you are planning a private event such as a family reunion or wedding in Pietrzycki City Park, it is recommended to contact the City at 509.382.2361 to ensure sprinkling systems are off for the duration of your celebration.  

Also, park use and its facilities are available on a first come, first serve basis; reservations are not accepted (except for community-wide events which require City Council’s approval). However, you may want to check with City Hall to avoid a conflict with scheduled community events to be held in the park.

Dayton Skate Park

skate park

The Dayton Skate Park is a newly constructed skate park that has both street and rail elements.  It is nestled in between the Dayton Swimming Pool and Pietrzycki City Park.  

Location: 613 South First Street, Dayton, WA

Contact Information: City of Dayton, 111 S. 1st Street, Dayton, WA 99328

Hours of Operation: to be provided soon.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Use of the Skate Park is at the User’s “own risk” Pursuant to RCW 4.24.210: "Neither the City of Dayton or its employees, or the American Ramp Company are responsible or liable for any injury, loss, or damage to person or equipment. 
  2. Use of the Dayton Skate Park is restricted to skate boards and skates only. Bikes, scooters, or other equipment are not allowed to use in the skate park. 
  3. Use of helmets and safety equipment on the ramps is mandatory. 
  4. Users of the skate park are required to skate in the area where the persons skating around them are at an equivalent level of skating skills.  Also, spectators are required to stay out of the skaters’ way. 
  5. All users of the skate park are required to treat the other users in a respectful manner:
    - Do not harass others using the park or skate park.
    - No bullying.
    - No threatening acts.
  6. Use of the skate park shall be such that it does not create a nuisance for users or spectators.
  7. Noise shall be kept at an acceptable level as to not create a nuisance for other users, spectators or neighboring properties. 
  8. When the Skate Park is locked, it is closed for all use.  Any persons who would climb the fence and attempt to use the skate park shall have their privileges of using the skate park terminated.   
  9. No smoking.
  10. No use or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.
  11. It shall be unlawful to discharge or use any air gun, gun, bow and arrow, crossbow, slingshot, or any other device with the purpose of which is to propel an object from the person using it. 
  12. It shall be unlawful to use or brandish any knife or other device in a manner which threatens or endangers any person or property. 

A violation of, or any failure to comply with any of the provisions of the following rules and regulations shall constitute a class 1 civil infraction.  

Parks & Recreation Maintenance & Operations

Information coming soon...

Trails and Hiking

The Middle Point Ridge Trail
Off Highway Vehicle Opportunities - Want to know what to do with the new Off Highway Vehicle you purchased last year? The Middle Point Ridge Trail #3116 was constructed with motorcycles and ATV's in mind. The lower trailhead is located approximately one-half mile inside the Forest boundary across the North Touchet River. 

For additional information and maps of the trail, contact the Walla Walla Ranger District at (509) 522-6290.

Give yourself a workout while enjoying some very beautiful country. The Umatilla National Forest located in the Blue Mountains here in southeastern Washington and in northeast Oregon, covers 1.4 million acres of diverse landscapes and plant communities with an abundant amount of trails to explore.  Additional information is available at Umatilla National Forest website.

If you want to learn more about area recreational opportunities such as Palouse Falls, Lyons Ferry Marina or Ski Bluewood please visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.


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