Shorelines Substantial Development Permit - Dayton Dog Park


Applicant:                  Friends of Dayton Dog Park

Project Description: Fencing of a 0.6 acre area for use as a public dog park. 

    Location:                    Within City Park, 500 feet south of the intersection 

                                    S. 2nd St. with School Bus Lane, and 40 feet east of the Touchet River

Levee paved path, Dayton WA   


   Application Notice:  February 8, 2017

Comment Deadline: Must be received by 3:45 pm on March 13, 2014

Review & Public Comment:  See attached notice and application.  In addition,

this application is available for review at City Hall. Monday-Thursday during

the hours of 9am – 4 pm.  Contact Karen Scharer, Planning Director should you

have questions:  Phone: 509-540-6747  or Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • See notice & application here