The City of Dayton maintains and operates the Dayton City Cemetery. It is situated off of both Mustard Street (Eckler Mountain Road) and Lee Street in Dayton, WA. See Map.

For specific information on the purchase of cemetery sections, miscellaneous interment information or funeral arrangements please contact:
Debra Hays, Deputy City Clerk 
111 S. 1st Street
Dayton, WA 99328
Email Deb Hays

General Information

  • Burial Section Costs:
    Section/Space - $800
    Endowment Care per section - $50
  • Interment/Burial Open and Close Fees (includes *Set-Up):
    Full (Casket style), Adult/Child - $400
    Full, (Casket Style) Infant - $250
    Cremation/Urn Style - $250
    Additional charge for interments scheduled on Saturday - $250
    Disinterment - $400
    *Set up: 1) Casket Style includes: Greens, chairs, lowering device and tent during inclement weather (liner sold separately); and, 2) Cremation/Urn style includes: 2 small greens and chairs.
  • Number of interments allowed in each section = 1 casket plus one (1) urn or two (2) urns.
  • Interments must be scheduled for a time between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
  • Request for service must be 48 business hours prior to burial.
  • Urns must be a solid non-biodegradable sealed container.
  • All caskets need to be in a liner or vault.

Headstones need to be approved by Public Works Director/Cemetery Sexton prior to placement.