Comprehensive Plan Draft Updates

2019 Comprehensive Plan (CP) and                                 Development Regulations (DR) Work Project

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Public comment requested on the Draft Vision for Dayton. Forward comments to the Dayton Planning Department. 

BACKGROUND:  The City of Dayton is performing a Periodic review and update of its Comprehensive Plan and development regulations by June 30, 2019. The State Growth Management Act (GMA) mandates the update to ensure the plan and regulations factor in changed conditions and are current with State law. Dayton last completed a comprehensive update in 2007-2008. Development regulations to implement the 2008 Comprehensive Plan were adopted in 2013.  Since then the City has completed two "annual" updates for years 2014 and 2015. Both Comprehensive Plan (CP) and development regulation (DR) were adopted.

1n 2017, the City intends to amend the Historic Element of the CP and DR's associated with historic preservation through the annul process. Additionally, the City anticipates final adoption of the Shorelines Master Program adding policies to the CP and DR's to the City's municipal code.

The Periodic Comprehensive Plan and development regulations review and update is a substantial project which typically takes about two years to complete (with substantial outside consultant support). The Dayton work program for the review and update will primarily rely on City staff and the staff support of state and local governmental agencies. However, it is recognized that there is a need for technical and legal support to fully address the requirements under GMA, analyze the city's capital facilities and transportation system. The city will be seeking grants to cover these costs so to complete this effort by June 2019.



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