Recent Plan and Code Adoptions


Water System Plan 2015 - Final Approval 2016 (WSP)

Resolution No. 1280 - 5/9/2016  The WSP for the City of Dayton, covers all aspects of the City’s water system.  The plan includes projected water demands for the next 20 years (2014-2034) and identifies capital improvement projects that are needed over the next 20 years.  The area covered under this plan is the City’s existing, retail, future, and water rights place of use water service areas.

Please see Water System Plans to view the documents and notices pertaining to  the WSP.  The WSP will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan of the City at the time of the next update.

Code Compliance Housekeeping

ORD. 1903 -  11/21/2016  Amending codified Dayton Municipal Code Titles 10, 11, 12, 17, 19 for consistency with Title 10, administration of development regulations and Title 21, code compliance.     Notice and Draft Ord.        

Marijuana Ban Update

ORD. 1901 - 10/10/2016  City Prohibits Medical Marijuana Cooperatives and updates definitions in code consistent with state and continuation of ban.        Notice & Draft Ord.


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