Master Business License

Apply online with Washington State.

Peddler License

Teh City of Dayton has established reasonable regulations for peddling/soliciting activities within city limits.  The purpose of such regulations is to protect and promote protect our community and promote public safety, privacy and welfare within Dayton. 

BEFORE engaging in the business of peddling/soliciting it is recommended you review Dayton's rules on such activities.  If your activity is not exempt, and you need to apply for a license contact Dayton City Hall at 111 S. 1st Street, Dayton, WA 99328, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,   or 509.382.2361.

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Pet License

No person or persons at any one residence within the jurisdiction shall at any one time own or license more than three dogs. Licenses are renewable annually through January 31. License(s) purchased after January 31 are accessed a late penalty/fee. New residents must license their dog(s) within 30 days from date of residency or late fees will be assessed.


Dog License Fees:

Spayed Female dog $20.00
Neutered Male dog $20.00
Fertile Female dog $30.00
Fertile Male dog $30.00
Trained Guide Dogs Exempt
Dogs classified as dangerous $120.00

Miscellaneous Fees
Replacement Tags $ 5.00
Late Penalty/Fee $20.00

More Pet License Information

Application: mail it with the license fee payment to the address on the form. Remember to include the rabies and/or spay/neuter certificate if applicable.

Marriage License

Apply for marriage license at Columbia County Sheriff's Office.


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