Residential Permitting

General Permit Process

Permitting can be perceived as one of the most difficult, timely, and expensive processes associated with new development. The Department of Planning & Community Development and the Columbia County Building Department work alongside each other to create streamlined proceedings that are time efficient, affordable, and get you into your house sooner.

  • Building permit applications should be submitted to City Hall. Here, they will be reviewed for compliance with the local zoning code, the Comprehensive Plan, and other applicable development regulations (i.e., the critical areas ordinance and the shoreline management code).
  • Once a complete application is received, it is estimated that the Planning & Community Development will complete review within 10 working days. Once planning review is complete, and assuming there are no concerns/issues with the application, the materials will then be forwarded to the Building Department for construction review.building permit
  • The Building Department will review the application for compliance with local building codes and issue the permit upon complete review.
  • The permit will be issued to the applicant upon payment of the applicable building permit fees. Note - neither the City nor the County charge plan review fees for residential development. Permit fees are noted in our community to be affordable and reasonable.
  • Upon permit issuance, the applicant will begin construction and schedule inspections as noted on the building permit. The inspections will be scheduled with the Building Department.

Generally, the City and County both prioritize efficient permit review and issuance. Timelines above are estimated and fall exceedingly below the State minimums for permit review. Find below additional resources and information to assist in your permitting process.

Contact Information

Department of Planning & Community Development
Columbia County Building Department
Clark Posey, Building Official
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509-382-2361 Ext. 105

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